At ICAN, we utilize an Independent Practice Association (IPA) for many of our services and programs.

The IPA is a network of contracted partner agencies who provide supportive services, including (but not limited to) behavior management, clinical services, substance abuse, mentoring and peer supports to the community. These services are provided on a fee-for-service basis through contracts developed between the IPA and ICAN.

Our supportive services include but are not limited to:

  • Behavior Management
  • Clinical Services
  • Substance Abuse
  • Mentoring & Peer Support
  • 45
  • 215

Team Spotlight

Steve Spink

Steve Spink - Provider Spotlight

Joslyn Enterprises LLC

Provider Spotlight - Steve Spink

This month we would like to spotlight our IPA provider, Steve Spink, who works for Joslyn Enterprises LLC.  Steve has been an integral part of our provider network for 10 years.  Being a provider in our IPA is actually Steve’s second job, as he has been a full-time physical education teacher for 13 years with the Utica City School District, currently at Kernan School.

Steve started his involvement with ICAN doing group recreations through connections from other providers he met in schools he was working in. This quickly grew into a very steady second career for Steve, who currently provides an array of services to clients in our Kids Oneida, SPIN and Health Homes programs.  He also is a part or our on-call crisis team and helps run many of our group recs, supported work program and recently a weekly summer sports program.

Steve loves bringing his love for sports and fitness to the work he does with his ICAN kids.  When asked what he loves most about the work he does as an ICAN provider, Steve said he loves how kids look up to him and the other ICAN workers and providers.  He enjoys seeing them progress using the input and advice they are given.  “Being a role model and seeing them succeed is just the best feeling in the world”.  Steve loves working at ICAN because of how everyone comes together as a team and supports each other to help a family out no matter what the circumstances.  He says the organization is “like a family” who is always so proactive and positive.

Fun Facts about Steve:

- He gives EVERY child he works with a fishing pole and teaches them how to fish so they can have that experience and maybe create a love of it on their own.
- He vacations every summer with his family in the St. Lawrence and has been doing it for 29 years!
- He loves being outdoors, especially hunting and fishing which he has been doing his whole life.


Definition of Services

Throughout the scope of our services and programs that we offer and describe on this website, deeper definitions and explanations are required in some cases.

Join the IPA

Any Agencies, Municipalities, Private Practices, School Districts or Managed Care Organizations interested in utilizing our services provided through our IPA for their consumer needs should fill out and submit the form below, or contact: Director of IPA Operations Matt Buono, (315) 731-2641, and IPA Operations Manager, Geoff Stewart, (315) 731-2623. Individuals, agencies and private practices can also join our IPA as a provider of services!

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