• Assessment Outpatient

    Neurological, psychiatric, developmental, functional behavioral and learning disability evaluations by a qualified professional on an outpatient basis.

  • Behavioral Management Services

    Behavioral strategy program provided to enrolled clients by a trained mental health professional. (I.e. Anger Management)

  • Consultation with Other Professionals

    Consultation by an MS, Ph.D., or MD clinician concerning specific clinical information and identified clinical needs necessary to create an individualized treatment plan.  Consultation will always involve face-to-face contact among the consultant, service coordinator, and/or other treatment members.

  • Crisis Intervention and Treatment

    Immediate on-site (home, school, community) therapeutic response, available 24 hours per day, which involves face to face or direct telephone contact with enrolled client exhibiting acute psychiatric symptoms, and their families and other collaterals to alleviate the problems which if untreated present an immediate threat to clients or others. 

  • Evaluation Services

    Psychological, AODA, and behavioral, pre-admission screenings that are a requirement for evaluation/assessment and treatment planning.

  • Family Therapy

    Goal-directed, face-to-face therapeutic intervention with the minimum of two family members that may include the enrolled client.  Services may be in a clinic setting, school, or home.

  • Group Recreation

    Group outing or activity for one or more enrolled client, or siblings.

  • Group Therapy

    Goal-directed, face-to-face therapeutic intervention with the enrolled client and one or more clients who are treated at the same time that focuses on the mental/behavioral/emotional needs of the clients in the group.

  • Individual Therapy

    Goal-directed, face-to-face therapeutic intervention (including insight-oriented, behavior modifying, or supportive psychotherapy) with the enrolled client which focuses on the mental health/behavioral/emotional needs of the client.  This service can be provided in the home, school, community or in clinic setting.

  • Intensive Supervision

    A multi-faceted service generally monitoring of curfew, school attendance and behavior, community behavior and conditions of court order for a distinct time period by a trained professional.  Intensive supervision begins with a specific behavioral contact; negotiated with enrolled client, parents, service coordinator and other interested parties.  Contact with the enrolled client shall both monitor these expectations and other assistance, either by phone or in person.  The service includes a 24-hour, 7-day week on-call crisis response.  It is anticipated that contact of 5 hours of face-to-face or more a week will be required to meet these goals.

  • Mentoring

    Service provides a structured one-to-one relationship or partnership that focuses on the needs of the mentored child.  It encourages youth to develop to their fullest potential and helps that youth develop a vision for the future.  It is anticipated that contact be from 10 to 30 units per month.

  • Nursing Services

    Provide monitoring and education to enrolled clients and family on medication, diagnosis, medical treatment, etc. as directed by a qualified professional.

  • Parent Aid

    Services provided in the home/community that focus on the need of the parent for instruction and skill development to maintain or enhance parental functioning.

  • Plan of Care

    A scheduled face-to-face contact with family team members (service coordinator, client, family members, providers, natural/community resources) for the purpose of reviewing, assessing, planning and identifying needs necessary to create an individualized treatment plan.  Plan of Care Meetings are scheduled every ninety (90) days or when deemed appropriate by service coordinator.

  • Psychiatric Reviews/Medication Checks

    Medication review and check-ins brief reviews by a qualified professional.

  • Recreation

    Service provides for recreational/daily activities for the enrolled child or siblings to promote social skills.  It is anticipated that contact will be from 10 – 30 units per month.

  • Reintegration Treatment Services

    Services specifically designed to focus on the reintegration of a child into the family/surrogate family home after a placement in a hospital, residential treatment center, group home or any out-of home placement.

  • Respite Service

    Respite day care refers to appropriate temporary care (usually for 4 to 6 hours a day), that is provided to an enrolled child in order to provide the family/guardian with support/relief, that otherwise could result in the child’s removal.

  • Rise and Shine

    Service provides face-to-face supervision prior to scheduled school day, to enrolled clients with high-risk truancy issues and/or behaviors that would otherwise result in school suspensions.  Service requires daily logs and communications with school personnel if client is unable or unwilling to attend school.  It is anticipated that contact will be from 5 - 20 units per month.

  • Supported Independent Living

    Provides supported living environments for youths (ages 17-18), who require community intervention and supervision. Also includes teaching independent living skills.

  • Supported Work Environment

    Supportive work environments for youths (ages 14-18), who require intervention and support on the job. Service also includes career planning and job placement.

  • Teachers Aid

    A service delivered to an enrolled child during the school day to assist in preventing behavioral problems that otherwise, if unmonitored, could result in suspension from school.

  • Tutoring

    Service provided to assist an enrolled client in achieving or maintaining age-appropriate academic skills as indicated on the client’s IEP/report card or recommendations from teacher.