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  • Humanistic Value
  • Cost Effective
  • Helping Mental Health
  • Saving Families
  • Complimentary Care
  • 1997
    The year we started to serve families in the community.
  • 1900+
    Individuals and families each day who receive ICAN services and supports.
  • 20
    Through our 20 program initiatives, ICAN now serves individuals prenatally through end of life in 6 counties and counting.
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20 Programs 6 NYS Counties

Our reach is extensive throughout Central New York. While we are headquartered in Utica, many of our services and programs extend beyond Oneida County into six other counties.

Some programs even accept participants from outside of New York State, as we aspire to provide community resources and care to all who are in need and are eligible.

Our Network

Independent Practice Association (IPA)

ICAN is a part of a network of contracted partner agencies who provide supportive services including (but not limited to) behavior management, clinical services, substance abuse, mentoring and peer supports to the community. The services provided are provided on a fee-for-service basis through contracts developed between the IPA and ICAN.

Our Year In Review

Annual Report

Our Philosophy

Wraparound Philosophy

How We Help You
How We Help You

ICAN was established based on the principles of Wraparound services, philosophy and model of care. This approach to children's’ mental health has gained both statewide and national attention as an extremely effective way to keep families together. It is now generally accepted that the most effective approach to addressing a severely emotionally disturbed child’s needs is through a coordinated community-based team of support rather than an out-of-home placement.

Treatment plans, utilizing the Wraparound approach, are developed as a team with the individual or family, focusing on their strengths and the goals they choose to address.

We at ICAN have consistently demonstrated that positive outcomes can be achieved, despite significant trauma, mental illness and psychosocial stressors through this strength and team-based approach.

Featured FAQs

  • Q
    Are there other organizations similar to ICAN in the community?

    There are other organizations in the community that provide some of the services we provide at ICAN, but we feel we are unique in that we provide quality programs and services prenatally through end-of-life, focusing on holistic health of individuals and families.

  • Q
    Why was ICAN founded?

    Just over twenty years ago, leaders in the Oneida County Departments of Social Services and Mental Health recognized the need to develop new, collaborative solutions to decrease out-of-home placements and keep families together. To address this challenge, Kids Oneida was founded in 1997 with support from state, county, and local leaders across child-serving systems and was selected by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as one of 12 initiatives across the country to pilot a new approach to children’s mental health delivery. Kids Oneida’s unique blended funding model aligns county and federal resources to ensure that youth and families could access comprehensive, innovative, client-centered services in their homes and communities.

  • Q
    How many people currently work for ICAN?

    There are currently over 170 employees working at ICAN at 7 different sites. We also have an Independent Practice Association (IPA) of over 200 service providers contracting with us to provide support and treatment to those we serve.