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    Mid 90's

    Oneida County’s Department of Social Services and Mental Health began to consider ways in which out-of-home placements of children with serious emotional disturbances could be decreased.

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    Oneida County was awarded a prestigious Robert Wood Johnson grant to be used as seed money for the start-up of the program.

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    Integrated Community Alternative Network (ICAN), a non-profit care management entity, was established.

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    A decade after the first discussions were initiated, Kids Oneida began full operation when it was licensed by the New York State Office of Mental Health as an Article 31 (Parts 587/588) outpatient clinic with a number of waiver provisions.

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    ICAN’s name was changed to Kids Oneida, Inc. It continues to be funded through a number of sources including the Oneida County Department of Social Services, Medicaid and individualized service only contracts.

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    Kids Oneida was deemed by the New York State Office of Mental Health as the first KO/ACT Waiver Demonstration Project in New York State.

  7. KO 20Years 970x535


    Kids Oneida celebrated 20 year anniversary.

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    We have rebranded our organization back to ICAN from Kids Oneida, because we are no longer “just kids” and no longer “just Oneida.” We have come full circle to close the gaps in services in our area as well as the continuum of care, in that we now serve prenatally through the end of life in more than 6 counties, and the possibilities for us are endless!

  9. FRC crew


    We are so honored to be named the BEST PLACE TO WORK for businesses with 101+ employees by the CNY Business Journal! Just as exciting this year was moving several of our programs and administrative departments into our new Family Resource Center on Utica's Memorial Parkway. Construction is well underway for our new Glass Rotunda and on the 2nd floor that will eventually house the new Utica Children's Museum.