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The families we serve through our Service Provision for Individual Needs (SPIN) contracts are historically those that would have fallen into a service gap. Families with less intensive needs than our traditional Kids Oneida/ACT/Step-Down programs can receive the support they need without an entire services case. By utilizing our services within SPIN, families, and caseworkers receive additional support and care needed to help reach goals and divert behaviors from becoming more serious.

The outpatient diagnostic component of SPIN, contracted with Oneida and Otsego counties, is one of our most influential offerings. This serves as an alternative to in-patient diagnostics, because it is less expensive, and allows children to remain at home and out of a higher level of care, which significantly lessens disruptions in their lives. An outpatient diagnostic is tailored to the individual needs of the child served and is intended to address the specific areas in question. Diagnostics may include but are not limited to, Psychiatric Consultation, Psychological Evaluation, and Psychosocial Assessment.


  • The age and eligibility criteria for services may change depending on the contract that services are accessed under.

Making A Referral

Referrals are made directly by the agencies that have contracted with ICAN to provide services.

  • 143
    Cases served in all SPIN contracts in 2020.
  • 10%
    The cost of an outpatient diagnostic is approximately 10% of the cost of an inpatient diagnostic.
  • 2018
    ICAN won the Face Forward Grant to assist children and youth in urban areas with mentoring.

SPIN Age Group

  • Children
  • Transitional Youth
  • Adults
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  • Herkimer
  • Madison
  • Oneida

The SPIN Program currently serves Oneida, Madison and Herkimer Counties through multiple contracts. However, the fee-for-service model allows us to service any county and any organization.

Why Consider SPIN

Our Team Approach

We embrace the Wraparound model for all of our care, services and programs. Our staff works collaboratively to develop and implement customized treatment plans for the individuals and families in our programs, and each team member contributes to our clients’ successes.

Empowerment & Support

At ICAN, we strive to empower and support individuals and families facing life challenges, by providing them with the tools to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. We assist them with succeeding in any goal they may have set, whether it be recovering from addiction, finding success in the classroom, creating a healthy home for their family as they anticipate the birth of a child, or seeking support and community resources, all while keeping families together as they process through their traumas.

Access To Resources

We connect individuals and families with critical community resources, such as access to physical and mental health providers, employment opportunities, housing options, peer support groups, and Wraparound services. We understand that access to some of these services can be difficult to attain during certain life challenges, and we are here to help individuals and families overcome this obstacle.


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What People Have To Say About SPIN

My 12-year-old has been receiving services for three years. We work with Karyn. She has taught my child how to show how she feels and how to control her temper. I love how the SPIN services help her talk about her feelings. Please keep doing what you are doing — it’s great!
Judy T.
SPIN helped our clients deal with whatever hurdles they had that were preventing them from being successful in either their education, or their employment. The SPIN Coordinators have always been easy to work with.
Alan L.
SPIN has helped many of my clients learn positive behaviors. Many of my clients were more likely to attend school or get a part time job because of the additional support their mentor provided. Additionally, I feel the extremely open and easy communication with mentors allowed for us to build even stronger relationships with our clients and assist them with additional needs the client may not have made us aware… Read More
Stephanie H.
The mentor/behavioral manager was very helpful in making sure the client made it to appointments, helped make appointments, helped with behavioral issues in the home and in school. The mentor kept in contact with the family and school personnel to ensure the client was behaving. The mentor also kept in contact with the Probation Department. The mentors and behavior managers help clients stay out of trouble and comply with their… Read More
Chris S.

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