See What $100 Can Do at ICAN

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Here’s how your dollars can help us Keep Families Together.

Every day, ICAN reaches 1,500 people through 20 family-centric programs across six counties in the Mohawk Valley, providing essential services to improve their health and well-being. ICAN staff works with children, individuals and families facing a myriad of life challenges, including situations that may seem impossible to overcome. Our team of coordinators, social workers, clinical staff, peer supports, mentors and more helps clients in school, in their homes and in the community and works diligently to empower them to reach their goals, no matter how big or small. And everything we do revolves around FAMILY. Everything. Our services greatly reduce out-of-home placement, provide significant cost avoidance to taxpayers, increase social, emotional and behavioral health, and most importantly, keep the family intact which leads to a multitude of long-term benefits.

Your donation to ICAN can go far and can help in a variety of impactful ways throughout our many programs, from providing important, healing time with a therapist or mentor to supplying everyday items or emergency supplies. 

Every dollar...
every item… 
every hour of service… 
will help us keep a family together.

See below what $100 can do at ICAN. 
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