Ways to Build Resilience in Children

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Resilience is the ability to successfully cope with and recover from setbacks. Our Nurturing Parenting Program has compiled some great tips and ideas for parents and caregivers to use with kids of all ages. They will help YOU help them build confidence, adopt independent thinking and problem solving that can lead them to success!


  1. Spend intentional quality time with your child. Children who feel safe, valued and loved develop emotional strength. 
  2. Make sure children are getting their physical needs met (healthy diet, quality sleep, exercise.)

  3. Encourage children to talk with trusted friends/family members in their lives. Help them recognize and utilize their support system. 

  4. Build up your child’s confidence by giving them age appropriate tasks they will succeed at. 

  5. Help your children learn and then use their problem-solving skills.

  6. Give children time to work problems out themselves before trying to ‘fix it’ for them.

  7. If your child is having a difficult time finding a solution to a problem, help guide them through the process by breaking the problem down and asking questions like (what could a solution be? What would happen if? What could you try?)

  8. Encourage your child especially when they feel they have failed. Praise their efforts, listen and empathize, discuss what was learned from the experience and what they would do the same or different next time.  

  9. Validate your child’s feelings. Remember all feelings are okay.

  10. Remind children of past struggles and accomplishments to help them put things in perspective. 

  11. Help children notice and change any negative thinking patterns. 

  12. Model healthy reactions to stress/change. Let them see you labeling your feelings, asking for help when you need it and using positive self-talk.