Program Overview

We built Kids Oneida on the premise of keeping families together while children and their families work on goals to improve their behavioral and mental health. This program provides a treatment plan that is flexible and designed to assist families with children with an Axis I Mental Health Diagnosis, who are at imminent risk of out-of-home placement.

In all levels of Kids Oneida programming, families are provided with a team-based approach to address severe and chronic mental illness. The family, our Kids Oneida providers, and various community partners then work together to develop a comprehensive and unique treatment plan and determine support services to meet the needs of the family. Through Kids Oneida, we offer several traditional and non-traditional treatment options that may include Behavior Management, Mentoring, Psychiatric Consultations, Intensive Supervision, and Special Therapy.

Within the Kids Oneida program, we have consistently demonstrated that positive outcomes can be achieved despite significant trauma, mental illness, and psychosocial stressors.

Children who have participated in Kids Oneida and still require support services, but not quite at the intensive level, may participate in our Step-Down program. This is an abridged version of Kids Oneida that maintains Wraparound services.

The Kids Oneida Step-Down Program is a preventative program through the Oneida County Department of Social Services (OCDSS), all based on a Wraparound philosophy of care. Services provided while in the Step-Down program are slowly decreased over time to ensure that stability is maintained, and families are empowered to identify and access community resources and natural supports.

Kids Oneida


  • Children must be 5-18 years of age.

  • Children in levels above Step-Down Program must have an Axis I Diagnosis on the DSM V.

Making A Referral

Families are referred to the Kids Oneida Program through the Office of Mental Health TIER I, Probation, Family Court, and Oneida County Department of Social Services.

  • 100%
    Of children receiving services in KO/SDP in 2020 were enrolled in an appropriate educational setting.
  • 1997
    Kids Oneida was the first program developed at ICAN.
  • 98%
    of children receiving services from the KO/ACT/Step Down programs were able to remain in the home with their families, avoiding out of home placement in 2020..

Kids Oneida Age Group

  • Children
Oneida County

Due to the Wraparound philosophy, Family Service Coordinators travel to schools, homes, and mental health and substance abuse facilities. Our base of operation is located at the ICAN headquarters in Utica, NY.

Why Consider Kids Oneida

Our Team Approach

We embrace the Wraparound model for all of our care, services and programs. Our staff works collaboratively to develop and implement customized treatment plans for the individuals and families in our programs, and each team member contributes to our clients’ successes.

Empowerment & Support

At ICAN, we strive to empower and support individuals and families facing life challenges, by providing them with the tools to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. We assist them with succeeding in any goal they may have set, whether it be recovering from addiction, finding success in the classroom, creating a healthy home for their family as they anticipate the birth of a child, or seeking support and community resources, all while keeping families together as they process through their traumas.

Access To Resources

We connect individuals and families with critical community resources, such as access to physical and mental health providers, employment opportunities, housing options, peer support groups, and Wraparound services. We understand that access to some of these services can be difficult to attain during certain life challenges, and we are here to help individuals and families overcome this obstacle.

What People Have To Say About Kids Oneida

The Kids Oneida staff have been very supportive and respectful.  They provide good care for my kids and family.  It is a big help that the staff can help with school meetings, talking to staff and helping me to get to the meeting.
Reevae D.
There are many things that I like about Kids Oneida, but the most important is that they offer my family a lot of support and they keep my older two children on track.
Shawna J.
Through the support and guidance my family receive through services Kids Oneida offered they showed me that I was not alone as a parent and that it was ok to ask for help when I needed it.
Kalenna B.
The organization works around my schedule and is open to reschedule if needed. My schedule is hectic, especially with unexpected turns of events. ICAN is always willing to be helpful. You guys are always willing to help me and my whole family.
Jessica O.
Kids Oneida has been great for my family.  The willingness of people to go above and beyond to help a family in need in a time of crisis. Also my son has positive male role models to look up to and talk to about whatever is on his mind.  Positive female role models for the girls and myself also.  Everyone is there for questions and help regardless of the hour.
Gina W.
I think it's excellent because without you guys I'd probably be lost. You guys have done alot. The kids look up to providers. My kid got a 100 on a test and asked if I could call the providers to tell them. I think you're excellent and the service is awesome!
 Zulma Reinoso
Coming from outside the area, and having had experience with other programs, I have found Kids Oneida to be incredibly flexible and easy to work with. As friendly as they are, they always remain professional and focused on the goals we set for my daughter. They have been there for us any time we ask. Kids Oneida is an indispensable part of my daughter’s overall therapy.
Bob H.
I am so grateful for the entire team that surrounds my family. The support of Kids Oneida reinforces the valuable life skills being taught at home. Their endless efforts to assist my family is greatly appreciated!!!
Erin M.
ICAN programs have helped not only our son who struggles with expressing himself in a safe way but our entire family. The whole team took time to get to know us and build goals that were meaningful for our family. As parents, we have become more confident in our abilities to work as a team and have hope that our family’s quality of life will continue to improve.
Adrian B.

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