Alyssa Trevisani Celebrates 20 Years with ICAN

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Q&A with Alyssa Trevisani, Director of Managed Care Services, hired May 3, 2004. 

We are excited to introduce and celebrate Alyssa Trevisani as she celebrates 20 years of employment at ICAN this May! 

(Fun fact # 1 - Alyssa has a twin sister!) 

We took some time to sit with Alyssa and learn more about her and her journey at ICAN. 

Tell us about your history with ICAN:

I started ICAN on May 3rd, 2004, as a family service coordinator (at the time known as Kids Oneida).  I was a service coordinator for approximately three years and transitioned into the community liaison position. I was in that position before becoming the Director of Managed Care Services.  

As the Director of Managed Care Services, I oversee our CFTSS (Child Family Treatment Support Services), CORE/HCBS (Community Orientated Recovery and Empowerment, Home and Community Based Services), and our SPIN (Service Provision for Individual Needs). It has been an amazing 20 years of learning and personal growth. These experiences have given me the opportunity to work with great community agencies and meet amazing families and individuals within the community.

What are your future plans at ICAN, and what do you still hope to achieve?

I look forward to continuing my personal growth. I see this agency as the place from which I will retire. I also want to be integral in the growth of the agency and our vision and mission to keep families together and empowered. 

(Fun fact # 2 - Alyssa lives on a small farm with chickens, pigs, ducks, bunnies, cats, dogs, and geese who all call their home her home!) 

What is your favorite ICAN memory?

There are so many favorite memories. Every day, a new memory is created. I work for an agency that does so much for our community, and love being a part of it. There are so many great memories from agency get-togethers, Staff Appreciation Events, and Overcoming Obstacles, to name just a few.

Why do you think you have stayed at ICAN this long?

ICAN is an amazing place to work. I get to work with amazing people who I consider my work family. The staff here is passionate, hardworking, and committed to serving our community best. There is an opportunity to learn and grow. They value the need for us to be our best selves and to be there for our own families. 

What do you like most about working at ICAN?

I love working at ICAN because of the culture, the people, and the work that we do.  It’s everything I could have hoped a job would be.

Tell us a bit about Alyssa outside of ICAN!

I am a wife and mother to two boys, 12 and 15. They keep us on our toes and busy with sports and music events. We spend a lot of time on football fields, basketball courts, and track along with gym auditoriums for musicals, and band (including jazz and marching band) events. When I am not present at one of those events I enjoy running and participating in races. I try to run a marathon every year. As a family, we enjoy being outdoors and camping.

(Fun fact # 3 - Alyssa was a collegiate athlete, playing Basketball and Softball)