An Update On Coronavirus COVID-19


In light of evolving news regarding COVID-19, we at ICAN are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our staff, providers, and families that we serve. Our agency has enacted a social distancing strategy for all staff and providers. Our offices will remain open at this time, however, visitors will be limited and those necessary will be screened prior to entry. Non-essential staff will be permitted to work from home and remain accessible to those they serve. Home visits will continue subject to a mandatory pre-visit phone screen. Please consult your ICAN service provider with any questions or concerns. As the situation unfolds we will continue to assess, adjust accordingly, and share information as it becomes available.  

We encourage those that we serve, our staff and providers, and the community at large to observe and support the recommendations of the CDC. Most importantly we encourage families to take the extra time this crisis has now afforded us to be together and support one another. Turn off the tv, limit social media, and be present for each other. What we all need during this time is to take care of one another.