Jim Traglia

Jim Traglia

Provider Spotlight July 2020

Jim Traglia is a full time provider working under Dave Traglia’s Youth Advocates agency and is celebrating 5 years with ICAN this summer. 

Jim started as a part time mentor as a “filler”  job while he was looking for full time work after earning his degree, but quickly fell in love with the work he was doing and became full time as a provider. 

Jim started his career as a provider working primarily with the Kids Herkimer program, serving youth in those programs residing in Herkimer County.  He has since expanded to other counties, but still has a main focus in the Valley where he has grown up and currently resides.  

Jim loves working with ICAN and feels that an individual is “only as good as their team” and the ICAN teams are so motivated and give such great support that he can really achieve amazing things with his clients and be the best provider he can be.  One of Jim’s favorite moments of working with his ICAN kids is finding a young man his first job at Remington Arms.  Jim says that there is nothing better than being a part of even the smallest successes for people, and seeing this young man find a job brought so much happiness not only to the kid but to Jim as well!

Jim states he fell in love with the job on “Day 1” and is blessed and humbled by the opportunity to work with the children and families that he does.  He says the kids he works with our “like family to him” because he goes through the emotions, trials and tribulations that they experience right along with them to help them process through.  “It is such a tough job but it is so rewarding and worth it”

Fun Facts about Jim:

  • Jim loves the flexibility of working as a provider, so that he can make his own schedule and have time to be the primary caregiver for his mother and family.


  • Jim loves to give back to the community and instills this in his clients as well, spending many activities with children focused on volunteering at nursing homes visiting with folks that don’t have regular visitors.  He wants to teach kids that it is fun to receive, but so much better to give and put a smile on someone’s face!


  • Jim is so passionate about sports and is a huge fan of both spectating and playing, so he puts effort into keeping the kids he works with active and tries to make connections in the community to find free and affordable activities for them to do!