Meet Our New Staff


As we continue to expand our services, we have brought on board some incredibly talented individuals to our team. We're excited to introduce you to our new hires and highlight the skills and experience they bring to ICAN. We believe that with their expertise, we can further our mission of Keeping Families Together. So, without any delay, let's meet our new team members!

Clockwise, starting at the bottom left: Christian Woods, Valerie Ziemba, Laurianne Sanford, Carly O'Connor, Tammy Hall, Alix Slizewski, Matt Stevens, Heather Wittmann, Erica Randall, Geordan Holmes, Taylor Stockbridge, Adriana York, Sarah Dziegiel, Brittany Weibel, Jessica Medicis, Emily Hansen

Sarah Dziegiel

Youth Care Coordinator 

Sarah was born in Kazakhstan and enjoys taking solo road trips. Philosophy podcasts are her favorite to listen to.


Tammy Hall

Healthy Families Oneida County, Resource and Support Specialist 

Tammy loves discovering heart shapes everywhere she travels. Her favorite flower is a combination of sunflowers and red roses. She has two amazing children!


Emily Hansen

Communications and Public Relations Specialist 

Emily has a passion for sewing and quilting. She was born and raised in the Mohawk Valley and after spending eight years in South Florida, she decided to return home. As a second-generation immigrant, she understands the importance of welcoming newcomers to the region. 


Geordan Holmes

Clinical Care Coordinator 

Geordan is a figure skating coach for the New Hartford school district. She loves watching Shark Week, and has always dreamed of becoming a marine biologist. Her dog is like a child to her. 


Jessica Medicis

Student Engagement Specialist

Jessica has four children – ages ten, eight, and two. The two youngest ones are twins! Basketball is her passion. She played it in college and now coaches the Westmoreland Girls Varsity Basketball team. She was born and raised in New Jersey, where her family still lives.


Lanique Nelson

Community-Based Support Specialist  

Lanique has a son who is nine and a half years old and is her constant companion, and they do everything together. She loves singing, even though “I know I am not very good at it!” Her faith in God is essential to her and always comes first. She is proud to be the first person in her family to graduate from college and is now working on completing another dual degree.


Carly O'Connor 

PINS Preventative Worker, Kids Herkimer

Carly loves hiking, kayaking, and traveling. She is a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan - Go, Chiefs! She is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.


Erica Randall

Billing Clerk

Erica is passionate about playing volleyball – a sport she has played for 33 years! She plays in a league every Monday and participates in tournaments frequently. After completing school, she waited for 20 years to return to NYST to take her boards for her cosmetology license. She used to be scared of working with colors, but now it has become her favorite thing to do! On February 23, 2024, she plans to get hypnotized to quit smoking cigarettes. (Wish me luck!)


Laurianne Sanford

Adult Care Coordinator 

Laurianne enjoys hiking with their dog and cooking. She also knows how to drive a car with a manual transmission!


Alix Slizewski

Youth Care Coordinator 

Alix loves camping! She is a certified phlebotomist but hates the ocean.


Matt Stevens 

Community-Based Support Specialist

Matt has been running a small vegetable farm since 2017. In his free time, he enjoys playing disc golf and board games with friends and following the NBA and Syracuse basketball.


Taylor Stockbridge

Billing Clerk 

Taylor is a cheer coach and coordinator at Whitestown Pop Warner. She has over ten years of experience in cheerleading. She is also a huge Disney fan and recently went on her first cruise to Bermuda, which was a lot of fun.


Brittany Weibel

SNUG Social Worker 

Britt is mom to “the coolest 15-year-old in America!” She has three cats, two dogs, and a lizard, and she also loves watching scary movies.


Heather Wittmann

Human Resource Manager

Heather enjoys spending her summers at Pine Lake and loves being a mom to her children - her biggest accomplishment is raising them. Also, she is a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys.


Christian Woods

Peer Support Specialist

Christian has an irrational fear of clowns. His sister-in-law works for the Biden Administration and is responsible for Citi Bike! Also, he got recruited to join a ballet troupe in a performance of The Nutcracker when he was a kid at the School of America Ballet in New York City. 


Adriana Yorke

Student Engagement Specialist 

Adriana was involved in the opening of Chef's Express, the bakery run by the ARC, which provides work experience to the people they support. She is a bartender and waitress at Nail Creek and is happy to serve you during Sunday brunch. Also, she’s obsessed with her huge cat, weighing 25 pounds. (Yes, we're working on his weight!)


Valerie Ziemba

Student Engagement Specialist 

Valerie has three dogs (a German Shepherd and two Cane Corsos), two cats, a turtle, a fish, and nine snakes. She worked for Oneida County for 33 years before coming to ICAN (the day after retiring!)