Peggy Palaka

Peggy P

Provider Spotlight August 2019

Peggy has been a part of ICAN’s IPA for over 12 overs! She began as a part time provider in our Provider Network in 2006, providing mainly mentoring when she began. Through the years, she has become a full- time staple in our network, providing the whole gamete of non-clinical home and community-based services including but not limited to behavior management, rise and shine, parent aide and recreation.   She has previously work with our Kids Mohawk Valley program as well as facilitated educational and recreational groups for youth in Madison County.  Peggy currently is the agency head for Palaka Services, LLC and has been since 2010.  She employs a staff of 10, including 3 clinicians and holds a full caseload of services in Oneida, Herkimer and Madison counties and has expanded to include Adult and Children’s Health Homes services. 

Fun Facts about Peggy:

  • Peggy is a volunteer firefighter and EMT for McConnellsville Volunteer Fire Department in her free time


  • Peggy is proud of her education in that she did not graduate from highschool, but went for her GED and then worked on her Bachelor’s degree as an adult as a single mom working 2 jobs. She feels that her experience gives her insight into the individuals she works with and feels she can be an example that you can achieve your goals when you put your mind to it!


  • Peggy says that the best thing of being a part of the ICAN IPA is the Strength-based Approach and that you can teach folks that there are positives in even the most difficult times, and they can use that and expand on it to succeed.