Tips to Support Your Children and Family Over the Holidays

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As exciting as the holidays can be for children, they can also be stressful and sometimes overwhelming. 

Young children, children with anxiety and children who have a more difficult time processing may require some extra support over the holidays to help them though. When we think of all the expectations that can come with the holiday season it’s no wonder that children, along with parents, may feel some pretty big emotions during this time of the year. 

Listed below are some things to keep in mind when planning out your holidays to help reduce stress while creating new, nurturing family memories:


1) Stick to your family’s routine as much as possible.

Predictable routines help children feel safe and secure. 


2) Let your child know what to expect and what you expect of them.

Talk with your child about where you will be going and what the environment may be like. Let your child know what is and isn’t acceptable behavior ahead of time. Help your child be successful by having a plan if they start to feel overwhelmed. 


3) Make family down time a priority.

With all the running around and excitement, having a chance to reset will benefit the entire family.


4) Practice labeling your feelings and encourage your children to as well.

Check in with them to see what emotions they are feeling or need help identifying. 


5) Look for ways to help your child get their energy out.

Play in the snow, take a walk outside, dance in the house or maybe create a holiday obstacle course.  


6) Decide as a family what events and activities bring you joy and focus on those.  


We hope these tips help ease a bit of stress and increase holiday joy for you and your family. If you have tips of your own that have worked well, we'd love to hear them! Please email us to share.