Who is a Safe Adult? Tips from our Nurturing Parenting Program

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A Safe Adult is someone your child knows they can go to no matter the circumstances. They know they will be safe, protected and heard by that person. They know that person is there to help them and that they are not alone. 

When would children talk with their Safe Adult?

  • Whenever they are unsure about a person or place or situation
  • Whenever they feel or have felt unsafe
  • If they are being hurt or have been hurt
  • If they feel uneasy but aren’t sure why?
  • When a friend/another child is feeling unsafe

Ideally your child would have several safe adults they could go to in case of an emergency, if they feel uncomfortable or if they are in danger. There should always be at least one safe adult that is not in the household. It’s important to make sure that your child’s voice is heard when picking their Safe Adults. The more comfortable the child feels with their Safe Adult, the more likely they will be to talk with them. 

Safe Adults should be made aware they have been chosen by your child and what it entails.   

The role of the Safe Adult –

  • Being available for the child
  • Listening to the child
  • Believing the child
  • Being mindful of how they respond to the child
  • Knowing who to contact if the child is not safe (School, Police, Child Protective Services)
  • Acting in the child’s best interest

Once everyone agrees to the expectations and responsibilities involved of being a Safe Adult, you will want to make sure your child knows exactly how to contact them.

Use this worksheet to talk with your children about this important topic and have them identify who Safe Adults are in their life!