Program Overview

Transitional-aged youth often find themselves homeless for a variety of reasons — fleeing abuse and neglect at home; poverty; and exiting the child welfare, criminal justice, or mental health systems. The primary goals of Project HOME are to enable homeless, transitional-aged youth in the city of Utica to obtain and remain in safe and affordable permanent housing, access community resources, increase life skills, obtain employment, and achieve greater self-determination and independence so they feel like they belong within the community.

Within Project HOME, our services include assisting participants with obtaining and moving into permanent housing, supporting participants with stabilizing housing, and connecting participants to community resources and mainstream supports. In addition, this program provides participants with a security deposit and up to 9 months of rental assistance.


  • Must be a transitional-aged youth (18-24).

  • Must demonstrate at initial evaluation that they are “literally homeless.” An individual is defined as "literally homeless" if (1) living in a public or private place not meant for human habitation, (2) living in temporary shelter, which includes congregate shelters, traditional housing or hotels/motels paid for by a charitable organization or federal, state or local government programs.

Making A Referral

All potential participants must complete a homeless assessment. This can be done through the shelter where they are staying. Our Service Coordinator can also complete this assessment. Please contact Jody Singleton, (315) 801-5710.

  • 13
    Young home adults successfully housed in 2020.
  • 14
    Newly enrolled young adults in 2020.
  • 100%
    Of youth involved with Project HOME received individualized case management services to support them in meeting their housing needs as well as educational, health and other personal goals.

Project Home Age Group

  • Transitional Youth
Oneida County

Why Consider Project Home

Our Team Approach

We embrace the Wraparound model for all of our care, services and programs. Our staff works collaboratively to develop and implement customized treatment plans for the individuals and families in our programs, and each team member contributes to our clients’ successes.

Empowerment & Support

At ICAN, we strive to empower and support individuals and families facing life challenges, by providing them with the tools to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. We assist them with succeeding in any goal they may have set, whether it be recovering from addiction, finding success in the classroom, creating a healthy home for their family as they anticipate the birth of a child, or seeking support and community resources, all while keeping families together as they process through their traumas.

Access To Resources

We connect individuals and families with critical community resources, such as access to physical and mental health providers, employment opportunities, housing options, peer support groups, and Wraparound services. We understand that access to some of these services can be difficult to attain during certain life challenges, and we are here to help individuals and families overcome this obstacle.

What People Have To Say About Project Home

This program has impacted me in several ways. It has taught me to live on my own. It has taught me how to care for another person, as well as being a responsible adult.
What I find most helpful is that y'all are like a mentor. You check in, see how things are going, make sure things are supposed to be how they are. Y'all keep things in order. Keep me focused.
We need to find ya'll more funding. Y'all could change a lot of young adults lives with this program. It gives them a sense of hope while giving them time to get themselves together. I love it.

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