Meet Our Mental Health Ambassador Liz Ellis: "Freeing Herself from the Pressure"

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Listen It’s Liz is the Morning Show Host on KISS FM and Promotions Director at Roser Communications. You probably immediately recognize her bubbly personality on the air and at events like What the Truck?! As one of our Mental Health Ambassadors, Liz shares what her everyday mental health looks like and how she combats the lows AND celebrates the highs!


Here is Liz’s story…

The Transition to College Brings Mental Health to Light 

Liz’s first experience with mental health, where she really felt it become heavy, was when she applied to college. She was not doing well on SATs or college exams, was nervous for her next step and was feeling immense pressure from what she thought “she should be doing” at that time in her life. “I was suffering alone and being a pretty typical teen… I wouldn’t tell anybody anything,” she shared. On social media, she was seeing what everyone else her age was doing and where they were going away to college, and felt she had to do the same. 

Applying to college was also just “a lot” – applications, financial aid and the whole transition to benign an adult. She says “Not everything is meant for everybody - EVERYone has issues doing the ‘big things’ like filling out college applications - you’re not alone!”

During her first semester, she kept herself from getting involved in anything on campus, telling herself they weren’t right for her. When she lifted that pressure from herself, her experience changed. She started talking with others, finding her people, learning how she should be helping herself, and enjoying her time. She started to focus on herself and not worry about what other people are saying or doing. Her change in attitude and mindset allowed her to come out of her shell and make the most of her time at MVCC. 


Embracing Therapy. Talking it Out.

During Covid, Liz was experiencing high amounts of anxiety, traumatizing everything, expecting the worst possible outcome and feeling like she was not fully present. She decided to start therapy and has been going for a couple years now. She loves it and found a great therapist who is able to talk her through challenging things. She says having someone to talk to who is a third party – they are going to fully focus on you and what is best for you. 

Liz has benefited greatly from having a therapist, and someone she can talk to that is not in her direct circle. She advocates for people dealing with the lows of mental health to reach out, and even try out therapy. There is no shame in seeing one – consider them another person in your wellness arsenal like your doctor, dentist or auto mechanic, who you can rely on and keep you going. 

The Delicate Balance of a Career “in the Spotlight”

Her career at Roser Communications as the Morning Show Host on KISS FM and Promotions Director came to her when she entered a contest to be on air. From this contest, she found her love of being on radio and went back to school to pursue and learn more about advertising and marketing. During her time at SUNY IT she interned at Roser Communications. 

She loves her job, especially creating and implementing special events full of creativity and hustle. She particularly loves Stuff the Bus, which collects thousands of toys for children in need in our community each holiday season. 

Each day, she is managing and juggling about 5,000 details with multiple projects, along with having the responsibility of being a “local celebrity”... and is a master of it. When you see her in public, she’s full of energy. Being ON constantly for your career is challenging. There’s no leeway to be sad, angry or off as she’s always playing the part of “Listen It’s Liz”. Being a self proclaimed “extroverted introvert”, she needs to prioritize some serious recharging time.

Do you know someone like Liz in your life? This is an important note for all – even if someone appears happy and ultra positive on the outside, it is dire to check in on those seemingly “mentally strong and they-got-it-all-together” friends, because they need a listening ear and some support sometimes, too.


Navigating the Highs and Lows of Every Day Mental Health

“Some days, my brain is my own worst enemy.” There are days where Liz feels at her lowest and could be crying on her bedroom floor. There are also days where she is feeling so good and actively posting fun, happy, light-hearted things on social media. She highly recommends NOT having multiple days of crying (and please reach out for help if you do!), but it's okay to have a day like that here and there. Mental health encompasses the challenges days AND the good days!


Prioritizing Positive Outlets

Aside from therapy, Liz has found positive outlets to manage the ebbs and flows of her mental health. She loves to work out and aims to be at the gym 3-4 times a week. She finds that sweat therapy is very beneficial to her overall well being. 

Music is another big part of her life - of course! When she is feeling drained, she likes to just be alone and listen to music, read or watch a movie. And recently she learned that she can say NO to things! She is someone who in the past would spread herself thin by taking things on or fitting time in for everybody else, constantly being the people pleaser and fixer. Saying no leaves more time for inward focus and self care.

The mic drop…

“You're going to have good days and bad days, don't stress about what everyone else is doing. Everyone’s timelines look different. Things happen the way that they should and everything happens for a reason. Mental health, everyone has it, every day, and whether it is good or bad today, there is always tomorrow.”