Meet Emily
Kids Oneida

Emily came to work with ICAN in June, 2018 due to having difficulty maintaining healthy personal boundaries with others, suicidal ideation, past hospitalizations, being a victim of abuse, and verbal and physical threats. Emily grew up with turbulence in her home as her family members struggled with addiction, domestic violence, and unhealthy coping mechanisms. ICAN worked directly with Emily’s family, CPS workers, and the PINS department to ensure that the family stayed together and overcame their struggles to ensure safety in the home. Emily had the opportunity to work with family service coordinators, mentors, behavior managers, and family therapists through ICAN, which made all the difference in her healing process.

Despite several bumps in the road along her journey, Emily has been able to gain independence and grow into an exceptional young woman. Emily is determined to create a better life for herself, and her Family Service Coordinator, Katelyn, describes Emily as “an inspiration” as she continues to overcome daily barriers and challenges. In May, 2020, Emily successfully completed ICAN’s Intensive Kids Oneida program as she exceeded all of her goals.

Emily reflects on her time with ICAN and states, “There was a time where I didn’t even think I would be getting a diploma, and I did. I honestly didn’t even think I would be alive to graduate, and I did. Now, I look forward to the future and to living. I don’t think I’d be here without ICAN’s support.”

Emily has goals of studying psychology and becoming a mental health counselor to help teenage girls overcome their adversity, just like she has been able to do for herself.