Krystal had a history of depression and anxiety when she came to work with ICAN’s Children’s Health Homes.
Children’s Care Management
This time last year, Krystal was fighting with her mother and had overdosed, leading to a one night hospitalization. This was a very low time in Krystal’s life. With little support from her family, Krystal relied on her ICAN team to get through the pain she was feeling. ICAN “stepped in,” Krystal said, when her mother did not. 

Krystal identified that before ICAN, she was drinking alcohol, smoking weed, and “partying” too much. Her home, as she identified, was not a healthy environment for her to live in, so she made the decision to move in with her boyfriend and his family. In doing so, Krystal began to see her own worth. In September and October of 2019, Krystal was not attending school. Kim Millington, Krystal’s case manager, stated,“persistence has paid off with our ICAN team. Krystal began coming to school every day and realizes that she needs to do this.” Krystal was also able to quit partying and using substances altogether, and she has become a healthier version of herself.

Today, Krystal is in a healthy relationship with her boyfriend, just graduated from high school, and has secured employment. Kim expresses great hopes for Krystal, stating that she has found her confidence and motivation, and has realized that she has the capacity to do great things. Krystal will be attending Mohawk Valley Community College in the fall to further her education and has a great job.

A mantra that Krystal often repeats when asked about what she wishes for in the future is: “I just want to do better for myself."