Trevon & Grandmother

Kids Oneida Changed My Life
Kids Oneida
trevon and grandmother

On the day Jeannie gained custody of her grandchildren Trevon and Brianna, her life changed forever.

Jeannie’s daughter struggled with drug addiction and was no longer able to care for her children. Trevon, in particular, grew up in and out of residential placements and had a tough time adjusting to life at his grandmother’s home.

After hearing about Kids Oneida from another local nonprofit, Jeannie enrolled Trevon in our Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Program. Almost immediately, Trevon, his sister, and grandmother gained access to a service coordinator, psychiatrist, mentors, respite care, and provider Dave Calhoun, Director of Quality Youth Services. Dave started as a Kids Oneida provider 14 years ago and offers a range of services, including an innovative supportive work initiative. This service prepares teens for careers while improving the community through vocational training and hands-on experience at non-profits and government agencies. Trevon joined this group early on, gained additional career experience through the Summer Youth Employment Program, and this summer, Dave is supporting Trevon in securing a job in the community.

A dedicated worker and team player, Trevon was one of the first teens Dave called when he found out that the supportive work program was getting an award. In addition to helping Dave accept an award from the City of Rome’s Mayor, Trevon was also front and center to receive the Volunteer of the Year Award from the Rome YMCA.

Kids Oneida is proud to offer a diverse range of services through our provider network that fit the unique needs, interests, and situations of our youth and families. Jeannie and Trevon would like to thank the entire team that has supported their family, including Kids Oneida Family Service Coordinator Amy Sharrino, Mentor Ed Ryan, Therapist Clinton Norwood, Respite Home Provider Cornelia Brown, and Behavior Management Provider Dave Calhoun.