Marcus & Jayden

Healthy Families of Montgomery and Schoharie Counties

Rebuilding a Father-Daughter Relationship

Supervised visitation monitors worked directly with Marcus, a non-custodial father, to reunite with his daughter. Jayden began the visits acting very skeptical and hesitant towards her father and showed little desire to rebuild the tarnished relationship. Monitors took the time to learn about what boundaries the child needed to have put into place in order to feel safe and heard, what she wanted from the relationship with her father, and uncovered various activities that she enjoyed. 

With help from supervised visitation staff, the child’s father began to adapt the ways in which he approached and related to his daughter, and in turn, the child began to build a sense of trust and security with him. Now, the father-daughter duo are able to partake in shared activities, engage in a loving manner, and rebuild the relationship they always hoped they’d have again. The father stated that it was “the kind conversations and interactions with supervising staff that have made all the difference in the progress we have made.”