Living Independently Within The Community

Marian's Story

Marian went to Heritage Nursing Home in 2014 for Rehabilitation following a hip surgery. Marian went into the Nursing Home with the expectation that she would only be there for a couple of weeks. She has Chronic Kidney failure and is required to go to dialysis 3x weekly. Unfortunately, during Marian's stay she encountered various medical issues that prevented her from going home. Marian heard of the NHTD Waiver while in the Nursing Home and was told that the Waiver Program may be able to help get her back living in the community.

Finally, on July 2nd 2018 Marian discharged from Nursing Home and moved into her apartment. The Waiver Program helped Marian to secure an apartment, get approved for Consumer Directed staffing, and ultimately live a much more independent life in the community.

Marian continues to live in the community and has never looked back. Marian and her Service Coordinator continue to work together to ensure she continues to succeed.

Marian is just one of many success stories of those who have been enrolled in the TBI/NHTD Waiver Program.